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Some were asked to drink one 5 ounce glass of wine before bed others told to drink the same quantity of water the findings were quite surprising the findings were quite surprising firstly the researchers reported that a glass of wine each night seems to play a role in helping prevent both type2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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3 boost your bodys defenses in one british study those who drank roughly a glass of wine a day reduced by 11 their risk of infection by helicobacter pylori bacteria a major cause of gastritis.

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A glass or two of wine with appetizers or dinner marks the end of the day a tgif friday night or a dinner out at a restaurant and is a standby at the bar at every party and is the specialty of the house at trending wine bars you might not want to think about calories when youre chilling out or partying but they all add up whether you favor a glass or red or white.

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Drinking is as harmful as smoking and more than five drinks a week lowers life expectancy say researchers.

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For those who can safely imbibe one glass of dry red winelike pinot noir or cannonauwith the largest meal of the day is the very best pairing okeefe says.

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Span classnews_dt26052017spannbsp018332according to the united states department of agriculture a fiveounce glass of red table wine typically contains about 09 grams of total sugar while a glass.

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A proper glass of wine is a 5ounce pour and when we say moderate drinking that means what is clinically considered to be healthy for women its one glass a day and for men its two i know ladies we get the short end of the stick wish more meant better but thats life now that we got that straightened out lets get to the fun part pour yourself a glass and take a look at the ten ways wine.

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A standard glass of red or white wine 175ml with 13 abv could also contain up to 160 calories similar to a slice of madeira cake often when sharing wine we assume were drinking less calories but a bottle of 13 abv wine shared between two could mean you are consuming 340 calories each thats the equivalent of a chocolate croissant each.

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